How Much Coverage should I get from a set of Spray Foam?
There are two main factors that determine yield from a set of foam.
  • Depth sprayed in one pass
  • Quantity of foam in the barrels
The industry standard for a set of closed cell is 4,000 board feet (BF) of sprayed foam. Open cell is 15,000 board feet (BF).

A board foot is one square foot at 1" thick.

There are a lot of factors that go into determining the actual board feet you will achieve.
The other primary determining factor of yield is the of weight of chemicals in the barrels. This will typically range from 940lbs to 1000lbs, causing a substantial difference in the amount of yield you get from that set.

When someone quotes a lower price on foam, always consider the weight of the drums and the depth you can spray it.